We cupped Pomeroon coffee beans and I must say they are very unique and complex. Very valuable to put in our knowledge base.

Steven Bright | Club Coffee L.P.
Toronto, Canada

I applaud your presentation and packaging. As a coffee drinker, I had to let you know I enjoyed your blend. I foresee your coffee will make an immense impact both locally and on the international market.

Catherine Hughes
Guyana (Minister of Tourism)

A friend brought me Pomeroon ground coffee as a gift from her stay in Guyana. I fell in love. Dark, fruity, nutty, delicious … gorgeous Guyanese coffee!

Jane Rowsell
Penthalaz, Sweden

Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee is a lovely medium roast – smooth with undertones of something exotic – maybe fruit?

Natasha Hamblet Ph.D.
Virginia, USA (Doctor)

The coffee is definitely intriguing due to its unconventional flavor profile.

Willem Boot | Boot Coffee
California, USA

APC was wonderful—lovely bouquet, attractive taste, and no headache. Bad coffees always give me a headache.

Vibert Cambridge Ph.D.
Ohio University, USA (Professor Emeritus)

I served APC at a dinner party we had for about 20 people and the reaction was extremely positive. In my opinion, you have an excellent product, the packaging and information on the package is outstanding.

Christopher Martin
New Jersey, USA (Civil Engineer)