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Pomeroon Coffee

Pomeroon Coffee is the oldest known coffee cultivar in the New World, and one of the most difficult to grow at scale due to it’s relatively low yield.

  • Introduced by the Dutch in 1721
  • Variety – Arabica
  • Cultivar – Typica
  • By 1810, British Guiana was exporting 22 million pounds globally
  • By comparison, Brazil in 1820 was only exporting 12.9 million pounds
  • Coffee from British Guiana catalyzed the industry in Columbia

What We Offer

Roasted Coffee Beans

Because of the limited shelf-life of ground coffee beans, it is preferable that coffee shops and other large consumers purchase roasted beans and do grinding in-house and when needed.

APFI will custom roast to the Customer’s preference. For those businesses featuring varieties of coffee, APFI can offer a limited amount depending on varieties in stock.

Ground Coffee

APFI roasts to a Full City darkness intended to optimize both flavor and taste and grinds to coarseness for French Press brewing. French Pressing provides consumers real coffee taste and aroma with the convenience of instant coffee.

Green Coffee Beans

For large Customers who wish to control the entire process, coffee green beans are available.

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Our Beans

Coffee cherries are produced in the rich tannin banks of the Pomeroon River, Guyana. The original variety, Typica, introduced by the Dutch almost three centuries earlier has changed, not by man hands, but by nature. As would be expected, any variety would mutate to adapt to its surroundings over such a lengthy period. And Pomeroon Typica has gotten better.

Our Roasting

To extract the best from coffee beans requires understanding roast times and temperatures, density and moisture, pressure and airflow. Indeed, the Roast is the most important function in the conversion of coffee cherries to a pleasurable and enjoyable brew. For this, APFI uses some of the most advanced equipment of its kind in the world.

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