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Ground & Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

Amy's Pomeroon Foods Inc. (APFI or the Company) grinds its roasted beans to the coarseness for French Press brewing, which passive percolating devices were distributed with purchase of product as part of a coffee promotional offer. French Pressing remain the main approach to preparing brewed coffee locally. For those who prefers a different grind, such as households with grinders or coffee shops, the Company offers roasted whole beans.

APFI's roast to a Full City darkness is intended to optimize both flavor and taste and its grinds to the coarseness for French Press brewing allows full utilization of these devices. French Pressing provides consumers real coffee taste and aroma with the convenience of instant coffee.

Mocha Blended Ground Coffee

Mocha coffee is one of the flavored coffees only available at your favorite coffee shop. But no longer. APFI's mocha blend is available is a pack and brewed in the same manner as your ground coffee. It provides a sensory coffee experience with its cocoa beans and spices.

Green Coffee Beans

For large Customers who want a different roast or wish to control the entire process, coffee green beans are available.

Our Beans

Coffee cherries are produced in the rich tannin banks of the Pomeroon River, Guyana. The current variety, Liberica, which was introduced there in early 20th Century, has changed, not by man hands, but by nature. As would be expected, any variety would adapt to its surroundings over a lengthy period. And Pomeroon Liberica has gotten better.

Our Roasting

To extract the best from coffee beans requires understanding roast times and temperatures, density and moisture. Indeed, the Roast is the most important function in the conversion of coffee cherries to a pleasurable and enjoyable brew. For this, APFI uses some of the most advanced equipment of its kind in the world.

Amy's Pomeroon Foods Inc.

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