Amy's Pomeroon Foods Inc.

APFI's factory is located at Liliendaal, Guyana and houses storage bins and bays, processing equipment, and offices. APFI's factory has the capacity to supply both local and regional export markets, with the most sophisticated roasting and grinding equipment in Guyana.

  • Turkish coffee processing experience and expertise
  • 24 tons of coffee green bean storage bins
  • Redundant power and backup systems
  • Custom roasting on request (City, Full City, Vienna, French, Italian etc.)
  • 8-position grinding machine defining coarseness
  • 10 ton storage bay for finished goods
  • Electronically profiled toasting

  • Home and business packs
  • Air tight packaging (PET/AL/PE) with one-way valve
  • Taste and aroma protection with tin-tie closure strips
  • Semi-automatic packaging
  • Climate controlled factory
  • Country-wide distribution

APFI has upstream processing (washing, pulping, fermenting, drying and hulling) one in the River, thereby removing 90% of the weight from hand-picked cherries. These are transported to its factory located at Liliendaal, Georgetown for downstream processing (roasting, grinding and packaging). For blending, APFI obtains the finest Arabica variety from Brazil and Central America.

Advanced Roasting

To extract the best from coffee beans requires understanding roast times and temperatures, density and moisture. Indeed, the Roast is the most important function in the conversion of coffee cherries to a pleasurable and enjoyable brew.

For this, APFI uses a Toper TKMSX 10 Roaster with programmable profile settings, one of the most advanced equipment of its kind in the World. By roasting based on these settings, consistency is guaranteed with computer accuracy and under the watchful supervision of the Company's trained Roaster.

APFI's International Coffee Consultants, Boot Coffee of California, performed cupping & accreditation of our roasting profiles which extracts the optimal taste and aroma from our coffee beans.

Amy's Pomeroon Foods Inc.

South Railway Embankment
(Project Dawn Compound)
Liliendaal, E.C.D.
Guyana, South America

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