Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Inc.

APFI is a small food processing Company formed in 2013 with our factory located at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara, Guyana. But the foods processed there originates in the agricultural regions of Guyana, especially Pomeroon River, Essequibo, an area that is part of the Amazon Basin. Water in the Pomeroon River is of a dark red color extracted from the tannin of fallen leaves over which the rain water travels on its way to the River. Since 1650, when a small group of Dutch Settlers occupied the banks of the River, organized farming has been its main occupation.

Besides cash crops, the main crops grown in the Pomeroon are coconut, coffee and citrus. Farmers are disadvantaged by high transportation cost to get their product to the main market in Georgetown, Demerara and elsewhere. Processing is the solution but besides an Oil Mill established several years ago to produce cooking oils from coconut, only small cottage industries exist to process the output of the Region.

We, at APFI, have decided to change that. We will process all the major crops produced, except coconut, for the benefit of the Farmers there. We intend to produce the finess products using stringent quality control methods (see ‘What We Believe’ Page). Starting with coffee in 2015, over a 5-year horizon, we expect to expand to fruit juices, cocoa/chocolates and local fruit wines at the minimum.

Export Market

In December 2015, Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Inc. received FDA Approval for exporting our packaged products to the continental United States.