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Pomeroon Coffee is the rarest, sweetest, and most aromatic coffee known, occupying less than 1% of the World market.

Its rarity is due to low yields and thus high production costs, which are of little interests to large commercial companies mass-producing coffee.

Variety is Caffea Liberica

Introduced in early 20th Century to replace Caffea Arabica, cultivar Typica

Over the century grown along the Banks of the Pomeroon River, it has developed its unique characteristics from the tannin-rich soils there

Unlike the small beans of Asia's Liberica, Pomeroon coffee beans have evolved to a larger bean similar to the evolution of Typica to the increased-sized bean, Maragogipe, in Brazil

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Let's Drip & Sip New

A Coffee Lover's Gift Box that includes:

  • Two (2) 250g packs of Amy's Pomeroon Coffee (Regular & Mocha)
  • Ceramic Pour-Over Percolator (with Reusable Filter)

Now Available in the Banks DIH Duty Free Shop at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA)

Image showing Drip and Sip product on the shelves of CJIA gift shop
Image showing Drip and Sip box
Image showing Drip and Sip box
Image showing Drip and Sip single-serve Brew Pack

Single-Serve Brew Packs are coming soon, offering:

  • Individually-wrapped and sealed ground coffee
  • Fold-out clip that fits standard size cups

Great for Gifts, Travel, and Complimentary usage.

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