Because of the limited shelf-life of ground coffee beans, it is preferable that coffee shops and other large consumers purchase roasted beans and do grinding in-house and when needed. APFI will custom roast to the Customer’s preference. For those businesses featuring varieties of coffee, APFI can offer a limited amount depending on varieties in stock.

  • APFI offers roasted coffee beans in 10kg bags.
  • Suitable for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and businesses.
  • Typica
    • 1 Bag (8.5 kg)
    • via Pomeroon
    • VAT Inclusive
  • Mundo Novo
    • 1 Bag (8.5 kg)
    • via Brazil
    • VAT Inclusive

Prices shown are for Guyana only.

Free shipping within Georgetown. A shipping fee of GY$4,000 will be applied to any order sent elsewhere in any of Guyana’s 10 regions.